The WAE Program has ended and the last meal pickup date was June 25, 2022. No applications or orders are being accepted.  (see details)

Supporting local restaurants, an important part of our vibrant community culture.

Fort Bend County Cares about Local Restaurants!

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has had a detrimental impact on the entire nation, one of the hardest hit industries has been the restaurant industry.

While some restaurants, caterers, and other food service providers have furloughed workers in hopes of bringing their staff back when the pandemic ends, many others remain closed temporarily or have closed permanently, unable to stay afloat due to COVID-19-related hardships.

Fort Bend County recognizes that to pay rents, staff wages, taxes, and other expenses necessary to stay in business and survive the pandemic, restaurants need a constant flow of customers. Thus, the County has placed funding into a program that addresses the food insecurity issues of its local residents while driving business to restaurants, which are an essential part of the vibrant Fort Bend community.

Why Should Restaurants Participate in We All Eat Texas – Fort Bend County?

Restaurants should participate in the We All Eat Texas – Fort Bend County program because…

  • It is an opportunity to generate critical revenue necessary to stay afloat during the pandemic
  • Participation in the program offers restaurants valuable exposure to locals
  • No marketing is necessary; customers will be directed to your site through the program
  • It is based on selling take-out orders rather than dining in (a critical consideration in light of COVID-19 restrictions and capacity limits placed on restaurants)
  • It is a great opportunity to get new customers through the door who might not have otherwise patronized the restaurant
  • It is a great opportunity to grow and thrive during this period of economic uncertainty

Applying for the Program


We currently have a waitlist of restaurants requesting to participate in the We All Eat Texas program. Available restaurant openings are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis; however, we reserve the right to make a selection based upon menu diversity and location. As our meal volume increases and further funds are allocated to the program, we will be in touch with you to add more restaurants. You are welcome to apply, but please note your restaurant will be added to our pending list.


We All Eat Texas – Fort Bend County is pleased to work with local restaurants that meet program eligibility criteria. Any type of restaurant (fine dining, casual dining, fast-casual, fast food, etc.) may apply, regardless of the type of cuisine (American, ethnic, vegan, etc.) offered.

Consideration will be given to any restaurant that:

  • Is located within Fort Bend County
  • Is in good standing with Fort Bend County
  • Can work with the terms and guidelines for participation in program

Please click Terms and Guidelines for Restaurants to view a list of the terms and guidelines for restaurant participation before applying.


We All Eat – Texas is funded by the CARES Act. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was passed by Congress with overwhelming bipartisan support and signed into law on March 27th, 2020. The CARES Act provides direct economic assistance for workers, families, and small businesses. Therefore, recipients of the funds should take heed of this anti-fraud warning. The risks attendant to misapplication of funds include investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Department of Health & Human Services-Office of Inspector General which could lead to civil or criminal charges. 

Potential criminal charges include (but are not limited to) federal program fraud, 18 U.S.C. § 666(a)(1)(A), which carries a statutory maximum penalty of 10 years’ imprisonment and a $250,000 fine.  

Before applying as a restaurant to participate in We All Eat – Texas, please understand the potential risks and punishments associated with federal fraud.


- FAQs -







Yes. However, although there is currently a limit, the potential exists that the program will be expanded. Thus, if you are interested in registering your restaurant for the program, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. If you are not selected, we will place you on a waiting list and notify you if a space becomes available for additional restaurants to be included in the program.

Please keep in mind that to qualify for participation in the program, you must be able to provide at least 500 to-go meals daily for program participants. However, you may offer as many meals above this number as you like. We ask that when you are limiting the number of meals you offer to participants daily that you offer no fewer than 500 meals.

Restaurants have two options for submitting menus. Option 1: Provide one menu with 2 – 3 meal selections and use this menu for the entire month. Option 2: Provide two menus with 2 – 3 meal selections each and use the first menu for 2 weeks, followed by the second menu for two weeks.

Program administrators will provide an updated order count to you at the end of each day. The count, which will be sorted by date, will let you know which meals customers have ordered for pickup each day. Program participants are permitted to order meals up to two weeks out, so you will have these projections in advance as well.

No. The 2 – 3 meal selections that your restaurant offers will be standard meals that are the size of a typical adult entrée. When program participants are ordering meals for their children, they will order from these selections as well.

The standard program protocol is for program participants to place all meal orders at least 72 hours in advance, as this will allow restaurants to order the inventory and supplies necessary to fill its orders.

However, the program does allow for restaurants to offer “Same Day Menu Specials.” If your restaurant desires to offer a special menu for same-day pickup orders, this menu will need to be received by program administrators by 7 pm the evening before the day the specials are offered. Program participants will be notified of the opportunity to order from this same-day menu by mid-morning on the day it is offered.

The only additional technology most restaurants will need is a QR code scanner. When customers arrive to pick up their orders, the restaurant is required to scan their QR code before handing over their meals.

Most iPhones and Android phones can be used as QR code scanners. A program administrator will provide the restaurant with a link to software that should be used with the scanner.

The choice to allow customers to pick up their to-go meals to eat them at the restaurant is up to each individual restaurant. We do, however, encourage restaurants to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines and limit guest capacity in accordance with local regulations.

IMPORTANT: Restaurants will only be reimbursed for meals that have been recorded as delivered via a scanned QR code. No other method of confirming meal delivery will be accepted when requesting reimbursement for meals delivered.

If you are experiencing any software or technology challenges that are hindering your ability to scan customers’ QR codes, please contact a program administrator immediately.

No. However, it is our hope that you will experience so many economic and business growth benefits from participating in the program that you will want to continue your participation throughout its duration.